Who we are

From humble beginnings in the field of retail, we – brothers Joe and Manny – embarked on our spice journey in 1999 when we established Exotic Spices, a company focused on providing the South African wholesale market with a unique mix of herbs, spices and sauces made from top-quality ingredients.

Founded in family and focused on heritage, Exotic Spices knows how the perfect meal can bring a family together. This is why we have spent the last 20 years perfecting our product offering of flavour-filled herbs, spices and sauces, helping you, our customer, gather your loved ones around the dinner table to share in a taste experience.

Trust Exotic Spices to help keep your recipes alive from generation to generation, from our heart to your home.

Our Heritage

When our family arrived in South Africa from Madeira in 1966, we brought with us over 500 years of Portuguese spice history. We went back to these roots in 1999 when we acquired spice recipes from an overseas manufacturer with a goal of bringing the European spice route home to Africa.

We started small, with six employees and 800m2 of factory space. Our first 1t truck delivered our spices to individual butchers and supermarkets in and around Gauteng.

Twenty years later, our 3000m2  factory houses 50 employees and a fleet of twelve 2.5t trucks that deliver bulk goods to wholesale buyers and sellers across the country and within the Southern African region.

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